Falling in love with someone will allow you to be the best mate for him or her.

Do you know any relationship always starts with lots of excitement but with the time it starts getting old and stale, and people start getting bored with each other.

A relationship like every other thing requires you to boost or add spice to feel the warmth of each other again. The occasion like birthday, anniversaries, valentines day, etc. can allow you to bring back your old love and add spice to your love life.

Let’s have a look at a few tips that can be quite helpful to bring the spark in your love life all over again:

1) Surprise your partner:

This is one of the best tips that works every time. Whether you belong to any age group, everyone loves to be surprised. Planned surprises will help you in taking his or her excitement to another level. So, try to impress them with your innovative wonders and enjoy your love life for a lifetime.

2) Candlelight Dinner:

Favourite food coupled with romantic ambience can lighten up anyone for you. You can add extra spice to your love life if your partner is foody. As you know how to cleverly ask them for a date and take them to a candlelight dinner.

candle light dinner

The dinner place can be cosy, with favorite music and flowers can be perfect for your time. Your house rooftop can also be the best place if you want to serve them yourself.

3) Propose her or him:

Do you remember the first time when you told her or him how much you love them? Have you noticed their eyes lightened up to reciprocate the love to you? The bed of stars is a perfect place to remember those days when you started dating them. It will bring the first bloom of your passion with the starlit eyes of each other.

4) Prepare breakfast:

Nothing is as refreshing as preparing the first meal for your partner. Love also has its age, so if you find that your love for your partner has started losing its colour try a new recipe of their favourite ingredient and serve them with the first ray of sun. The smile on your partners face will let them know how much they are on your mind and heart all the time.

5) Play board games:

board games

This tip looks simple but on implementation, you will a lot more than you have thought. As board games can be so much fun when you play with your partner as it will allow you to explore childishness in each other.

6) Watch your partner’s favourite movie:

Enjoying old moments together again will add color to your love life. Makes you remember the time when you use to express your love to them every day. Cherish all those laughter, moments and make them realise that you love them more with every passing day.

7) Plan a holiday:

You can be a mountain person, or love beaches to spend quality time with your partner. If it’s been a lot of time or years that you haven’t been out from your busy schedules than book an exotic holiday for you and your partner. Many resorts have private pools, and lounges so that you can enjoy your holidays in private with each other.

8) Prepare your partner’s favourite recipe:


A lot of people miss their hometown food as they have settled at a place which is quite far away from their motherland. Watch the video on YouTube or learn it through joining any cookery classes. Serve them in dinner after a hectic day and watch the sparkling eyes of your partner. Undoubtedly your efforts will be appreciated.

9) Take them out for shopping:

Buying the best for each other makes everyone happy. Try to build an addition to each others wardrobe by shopping together. Admire your partner’s choices and explore the newest collections in the shopping complex.

10) Throw a party:

Is your partner is a partyholic person?. Then it is one of the most comfortable option to pursue. Contact a good caterer throw a party call all your friends and BOOZE OUT. Don’t miss a speech especially prepared by you for him telling the world how much he or she loves you and this is just a small effort to express yourself.

Love is essential for everyone but desires to be explored with every passing moment. No one wants to end their love life but making it real requires efforts from everybody. So, if you are seeking love in your love life all over again, we hope the above tips will be of your usage and will guide you to find each other still.

Wish you all the best!!