Henna is one of the things that is adorn well in Indian customs. It is considered to be an essential part of their culture and is applied on pious occasions. Mehendi or henna designing is an art and derives its application in the form of various henna designs as per the desire of the applicant.

Mehndi or Henna is a type of a natural dye made up of the stems and leaves of the Henna tree. It is used as a natural dyeing agent. The art of applying Mehndi is known to be spread all over the globe. In many western countries, the Mehendi is found to be used in the form of a temporary tattoo. The practice has gained a lot of popularity in the temporary tattoo industry.

During wedding or festival seasons, there are many intricate and lavish designs publishes every year for palms and legs. However, the Indian designs can range from simple to complex depending upon the kind of requirement a person possess. Nowadays simple, beautiful and chic designs are in fashion in Indian henna cookbook and look elegant on any festivities. They do not tend to clutter or over-deck on the palms of the users.

Here we will  discuss 15+ cool designs of Henna designs that can try yourself:

Image source: The Mehndi Girl

Serene and straightforward mehndi looks can make your hands look beautiful. The best part is you can apply it yourself too. The design is easy to go, and suits would be brides who like simplicity on their wedding day above anything else. The completion of the heart represents the mating of two people, and Henna describes it beautifully with the affection intact.

2) Y-Design

Image source: Toko Mehndi

The above aztech and Y design are for the people who loves the creativity and boldness in the henna texture. The design is straightforward to apply in both the palms and will take a few minutes from your end. The Y design is an example of making your hands beautiful from both the sides. As the festive season is never complete without resembling the pious Henna for hands.

3) Mandala and Paisley

Image source: All Mehndi Designs

Mehendi represents our traditions, and if we could able to draw them on our palms, then nothing can be more beautiful then the same. This Mehendi design is not only simple too. But the traditional pictorial and peacock henna design represents the rituals and take it to a level which is beyond expression.

4) Krishna Feather

Image source: All Mehndi Designs

Dedicated to all Krishna lovers, the design derives its origin from the Hindu deity feather and is represented beautifully on the back side of the palm. Easy to draw this mehndi design can be applied to the hands on any occasion and can be coupled up with the jewelry to enhance the intricate beauty of the palm. The model represents beads and long feather of Lord Krishna being worn by one of his gopi on occasion.

5) Start a Fresh with Ganesha

Image source: Pinterest

Hindu customs are incomplete without praising Lord Ganesha to initiate new things. This easy to draw image of Lord Ganesha will be a good omen for your new chapters of life. Try it out for this festival season or you can also look also apply it on for your engagement and marriage functions.

6) Bold and Gold

No one can believe legs can look beautiful with Henna. This golden look can couple up with any ethnic dress and make you look perfect on any occasion. Therefore, applying Henna on legs is quite easy as your both the hands are free which makes it easy to draw and fill your legs with beautiful structures.

7) Sparkling Henna

Coupled with gems any simple henna design can also sparkle like glitter and make your palms look beautiful. The gems can be matched with the color of your dress and can be stick on the places at your palms. However, the design is simple but elegant, you can motivate your little daughter to learn from the same as we’re sure the guests in the party will appreciate her beauty.

8) Minimal Leaves and Flowers

Before this nobody can go through about that Henna can look so beautiful with minimal leaves and flowers. Your teenage daughter will love this unique look and admire the same on her sister’s wedding look. Coupled with ethnic dresses the look can complete your style and glamour quotient.

9) Flowers and Petals:

An elegant and beautiful henna design to make your leg look more stylish with a henna anklet. The flowers and leaves drawn on the middle of your legs will allow them to look more beautiful and complete your traditional look. Wear any silver anklet and couple it up with a plazo, lehenga, skirt or saree and be ready to be the charm of everyone eyes.

10) Lace Glove Henna Design:

Image source: Pinterest

This lace glove henna design is a full hand henna design and can make you stand out in the crowd. The look is contemporary as well as traditional for females. Easy to make this henna design suits everyone and you can style it with any apparel.

11) Easy Half Henna Design:

Image source: NJ’s Unique Henna

Henna looks beautiful in every shape you wear it, and this trendy design can be a couple up with any western outfit and is quite suitable for the light occasions like engagement parties, Wedding mehndi nights, birthday parties, etc. It takes just a few minutes to apply this exquisite design will allow us to look beautiful and knock out in the crowd.

12) Beautiful Leg Design:

Be ready to induce in this hassle-free design of Indian Henna where beauty lies in its simplicity. Create the plan and pair with your favorite stilettos or high heels and be ready to rock any party today.

13) Dazzle with Gems and Stones:

Best for brides and her bridesmaids, the design can add extra glitter to your address and allow it to resemble your personality on any significant event. Create magic on your hands and embellish it with stones and glitters to look best on any occasion you attend.

14) Small Feet Design:

This small feet henna design can be considered as best for the girls going to the office. Easy to design at home you can pair up with any sandals with the upper front open and flaunt your designs in public. So make your feet even more beautiful with this out of the box design and wear your simplicity around.

15) For Starters:

In this hectic life at times it becomes difficult to take your time out to think and create unique henna designs. If you want your daughter to learn to make beautiful henna designs then start today with this simple henna design for beginners and initiate the curiosity in her mind to look beautiful and strive hard to reach next level and start creating magic with your own hands.

16) Royal Portraits:

Image source: Vows & Tales

Beautiful royal portraits with elephant and palki looks beautiful as the hand henna designs with the application of pure Henna or mehndi. These simple henna designs look fantastic on palms and bride can try it herself too. If you are a simplicity lover, then look forward to such kind of henna palm designs on your big day and feel special in sobriety.

17) Chains:

Image source: Mehndi Artist Hira

This is one of the simple yet intricate design to make you look at your best on any day. The easy henna chains depicted above can help you in looking as beautiful as you are. Apply the above henna design on any of your hands and with the addition of a diamond ring be ready to look awesome in any party.

18) Celebrate your Engagement:

Highlighting the ring finger the design looks best on the bride’s hand. The non-cluttered henna pattern allows you to look pretty on your important day and its elegant look will make you look fantastic in your groom’s eyes. This new henna design will look great on your engagement day.

19) Anklet Design:

Unusual and Amazing are the two words that can define this henna design. This beautiful henna design looks amazing, and couple up with any anklets and the henna chains depicts the traditional jewelry which no longer exists now, but yes there transcription in Mehendi still makes them alive.

20) Adorn your Feet:

The design is undoubtedly lavish and can create its magic on anyone’s feet. The above easy henna design can give any bride an exemplary look on her big day. The design will look beautiful for the wedding season. As the camera usually captures the brides feet. And this royal yet straightforward design can help you in making your feet look best.

To conclude the Henna designs have some of the pretty designs to draw and wear on the celebration days. Although there is henna or mehndi artist, there can be the times when you can’t call them, and you need to be on your own. These simple yet classy designs can help you in looking beautiful and happy on your special days.