In this world driven by trends and memes of social media, you’re too old to be here if you do not have any digital presence. The role of social media in our lives has evolved drastically taking a different shape altogether.

Today, the social media platforms are no more about meeting friends and chit-chatting or uploading pictures. It does refrain itself to individual identities.

It has grown so big that almost every firm in the market has its social media page to reach its target audience.

However, the crowd here is so much that you have to be extraordinary to stand out in the competition. Many times, firms or pages make mistakes that bring no traffic to their pages.

Following are mistakes need to avoid in the social media marketing world.

  • Creating accounts on too many platforms without planning
  • Not addressing negative comments on your profile
  • Paying for fake followers
  • Spamming
  • Irrelevant hashtags

Also, establishing yourself on social media can take too much time unless you have proper planning and policy.

Hence, we would like to enlighten you on the strategies which would save your time and fasten the pace of settlement for social media marketing. Ultimately, taking your business a step ahead in the digital market.

1) Focus on the right platform

Every company has a different niche having a particular set of audience. Learn which social media platform your audience would use more often. Examine your business objective and search for appropriate channels to achieve social media marketing goals.

Monitor keywords that are relevant to your brand. When you choose the right platform, your scattered efforts get centralised, and you reach the audience quickly.

2) Set up alerts to enable selective engagement

Providing value to your clients and customers is one of the essential parts of social media strategy. Google alerts system is an excellent medium through which one can examine the unlimited information on the internet so you can then share what is relevant.

Google Alerts is something that controls and monitors a particular subject for you and informs you if a relevant piece of content gets posted on the web.

It allows you to set the keywords and customise it according to industry, content standards, and the frequency with which you expect the notifications. It helps you to connect with the potential customer who is genuinely interested in the product.

3) Analyse past content to improve posts

If your business already has a presence on the right social media platform and still not getting the engagement despite being active, then you need to study your page and the competitors’ too.

You need to understand the fact that irrelevant and unnecessary posting will not give you any engagement. So don’t post just for the sake of being active on the social media.

Analyse your past content, negative comments if any. Try to improvise the content. Do not talk too much about your brand. Be informative and trendy. Keep yourself updated with the trends on the web.

4) Develop systems for curating, scheduling and re-posting content

You cannot be active on the social media platform all the time. If you wish to save your time, learn about the systems that automate curating, scheduling and re-posting the content.

Once you understand the most winning time on social media, you can schedule or re-share posts in your free time. It saves a lot of time. Use the new tools which will enable you to connect with leads and make auto-interactions.

5) Proof-read your content

Many a time, business pages spend half of their time in rectifying the mistakes or deleting the posts on social media. Its better that you proofread your content before posting. Do not use foul language or make offensive statements which would insult your business image.

“If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell six friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.” are the wise words of Jeff Bezos.

It would help if you indeed kept this point in mind before posting any content.

6) Utilise social media analytics

You should know the number of users who are viewing your posts and engaging. Many firms neglect this feature or many a time, are unaware of this feature.

This feature enables you to analyse followers, the reach, and the outcomes of your posts. You can always compare platforms and identify influencers. When you follow the data and track your results, you save time.

It is mainly because of the kind of content you post can be judged and scrutinised. The one works best for you. With this, you don’t waste time on the posts which don’t work for you.

7) Outsource:

Outsource is one of the options that can smartly strategies your social media marketing to beat the clock. You do not need to hire in-house digital marketing as there are many digital marketing agencies with experts who can give you better advice on social media marketing.

Staying up-to-minute with web trends can be a problematic add-on task for firms. Outsource acknowledges you with trends and helps to incorporate them into your business strategies.

As rightly stated by Brian Solis, “Social media is about sociology and psychology more than technology.” You need to use it smartly.

If you manage to get the tricks of the trade on social media platforms, it will help you to get increased brand awareness, more inbound traffic, augmented Search Engine rankings which finally turn into higher conversion rates.