Are you planning to face a job interview next week? We understand that the feeling of facing an interview can give you jolts in your stomach and may also haunt you for many nights. But confidence and staying calm is what matters.

So here are some tips for you to help you succeed in cracking your job interview.

1) Dressing sense

The dress is the first thing that you should decide and keep it ready beforehand so that you don’t have to do the ironing at the last minute. For the selection, make sure that you are picking up on soft and decent colours. Select a dress that is formal and has a soothing effect because it should be there in your mind that you are walking down for a job interview, not for a party.

2) On timecode

Try to get to your place of the job interview as early as possible. Take a margin of half an hour and try to be there prior 30 minutes of your job interview so that you don’t have to face the last minute hustle bustles.

3) Mirroring effect

If you are not confident about your conversation and communication skills, then there is someone who can help you out for being confident in your job interview. That person is you, so get in front of the mirror and try asking questions to yourself. Answer them well to check out on your expressions, your smile, etc.

Try to maintain eye contact with yourself in the mirror as eye contact is essential to have a smooth job interview otherwise the interviewer will get to know that you are nervous. So before you get into the interview room, practice well in front of the mirror to gain control over your expressions and nervousness.

4) Be prepared with all the hard copies

When you are going for a job interview, make sure that you are carrying all your hard copies of your resume, your mark sheets and notepad and pen. A pen copy is a must so that you can jot down any vital thing told by the interviewer. It is going to lay a positive impact on the interviewer.

5) Say no to mobiles

Once you get into your place of interview, please switch off your mobiles as continually clicking and navigating the mobile in the waiting hall also lays a negative impact on your image.

If an interviewer walks past you and sees you busy with your cell phones then you know it will have a negative emphasis on your image so switch it off and try reading some books useful for cracking your job interview instead.

6) Friendliness next to seeking attentiveness

You should have a positive and friendly aspect as you walk down the cubicles of the office where you are there to give your job interview. There is no harm in passing a sweet smile to the staff, so go for it. Maybe they can help you with any recommendations in return.

7) Practice makes a man perfect

Certain things are for sure to be asked in your job interview. Prepare for that, “tell us something about yourself” is a common question; try to sculpt it out in the best possible way to impress your interviewers.

8) Know your company well

Make study history of the company where you are going to give the job interview to answer any related questions. Research about the company’s facts and portfolios to answer the questions related to the company during your job interview.

9) Eye contact attribute

When you are inside the room in front of your interviewers for your job interview, you should try to maintain eye contact with them to display your confidence.

10) Quit your fidgeting habit

Yes, we do understand that you are quite nervous, but you should not fidget with anything that is there in your hands, not even your pen. Answer your job interview questions with a high level of confidence and without fidgeting.

11) Positive thinking aspect

Being a positive thinker is a good sign to be confident in the job interview. If you are nervous and if you think that you are not going to get the job then you will seriously not get the job so instil a positive attitude in yourselves to crack the job interview.

12) Kindness during the job interview

The interviewer is not a mind reader. Thus you need to present yourself during those few minutes of your job interview. So be kind to a friend and sell your skills in the best way

13) Breathing exercises to lower your anxiousness

Yes, we know that you are anxious! But you don’t need to show off everything while giving your job interview. Hold your anxiousness. Stay back and do some breathing exercises to cut down your anxiety level. It will help you to boost your confidence level as well.

14) Stick on to the formal language code

When you are at the place of your job interview, you have to follow the code of conduct of the place where you are standing so use formal language while giving your interview. You are there to hit your target and not to impress the interviewers so follow the formal code of language while talking.

15) Say a no to your desperateness

At times it may happen that you would like to jump out of your chair to answer a question that you know very well, but please control your desperateness. Stay quiet till your interviewer finishes the question and then respond with a calm and straightforward attitude.

16) Be attentive

Try to pay full concentration towards your interviewer when you are giving the job interview. Avoid saying Pardon in front of your interviewers to repeat the question instead be alert and attentive during your job interview.

17) Top to bottom presentation

When you are going out for a job interview, you should select the appropriate dress; shoes, etc. also make sure that you are not having any funky hairstyle or body piercing.

18) Don’t give general answers

If you don’t know a particular answer, try to admit it rather than twisting and turning it all around the corners. Speak up and say sorry sir but don’t try to go round the bushes and create an unpleasant image of yourself in front of your interviewers.

19) Realise your strengths and weakness

Try to understand your strength and weakness and use it accordingly to crack your job interview.

20) Be yourself

Yes, this is a fact please be yourself while facing the interview, don’t overdo it. Preparation is undoubtedly required but don’t try to wear somebody else’s shoes while giving your interview. Be yourself and face your interview with confidence.

21) Mock interview

Try to face mock interviews with the help of your friend. It will help you to raise your spirits as well as boost confidence.